WordPress Update Plugin

I just found the COOLEST¬†wordpress update plugin! Normally, wordpress is kinda difficult to upgrade, because (especially on a site like this) you don’t have access to the server files, and even if you did, you probably wouldn’t know where to start! Well, this plugin does it all for you! You can either click “automatic”, and have it do everything, or you can do it the semi-auto way, where it asks you before each step, and lets you choose options such as to download the backup .zip file it creates. VERY easy, basically all you do is click the “next step” button, and it backs up, modifies, and does everything for you! Amazing. :)

Here’s the link, for any of you interested. It’s a plugin, so it has to be uploaded to the server originally, but if you ask nicely (and you’re part of the EC mod/admin team), I’ll do it for you. :)


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Monday, January 12th, 2009 Uncategorized 83 Comments