Review – “BoneMan’s Daughters”

In “BoneMan’s Daughters”, Ted Dekker again weaves a masterful tale of intrigue and suspense. The BoneMan, a sadistic killer roams free, looking for true love in a daughter, and killing those girls who do not match up with his standards. However, the way he finds it is quite different than he is expecting. Ryan Evans has an apathetic family life, until his world is forever changed on the battlefield. When his daughter becomes BoneMan’s next victim however…he must make an important choice. This book is one of Ted’s finest works, and he intertwines the stories of evil, sin, repentance, and most of all, true love, in order to create an unforgettable book that should be a part of any serious reader’s library.

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Story update

I’ve finished my story!!!

It’s almost exactly 4 pages long in Microsoft Word…so about the right size to be a children’s book (considering you only use about 2 blocks of rhyme, which is 8 lines, per page), plus a big picture. :)

I won’t post it here yet…because I’m trying to find someone to illustrate. :)
If any of you are good at illustrating, send me an email at

I would LIKE to TRY and publish this, if I can get it illustrated. Take a look at the illustration style I
put a link to in my previous post, and see if you can do it, or something fairly similar. :D

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I’m in the middle of writing a kids story…similar to what Bill Peet does. It’s (hopefully) going to be a cute story, but with a good Christian moral behind it. I got the idea yesterday at work, and typed up quite a bit, in between customers.

Now all I have to do is find someone who can illustrate well…because I can’t. :) If any of you is good…let me know! I like the Bill Peet style illustrations, too.

Here’s the first three “rhyme blocks”, just as a teaser, and so you can see what style I’m doing it in.

There once was a Knight named Sir Joshua Thayre
Whose favorite horse was an old brown-grey mare
He rode around town every day it is said,
And once every night, before going to bed.

He once was the most famous knight in the land
But those days had passed, just like hourglass sand
His armor felt light, despite what it weighed
Well polished and bright, like the day it was made.

He polished and washed it at least once a year
“In case”, he would say “if there’s enemies near!”
But year after year there was peace in the town,
No enemies seen, not for miles around.

I’ll keep you updated on progress. ;)

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