Review – “BoneMan’s Daughters”

In “BoneMan’s Daughters”, Ted Dekker again weaves a masterful tale of intrigue and suspense. The BoneMan, a sadistic killer roams free, looking for true love in a daughter, and killing those girls who do not match up with his standards. However, the way he finds it is quite different than he is expecting. Ryan Evans has an apathetic family life, until his world is forever changed on the battlefield. When his daughter becomes BoneMan’s next victim however…he must make an important choice. This book is one of Ted’s finest works, and he intertwines the stories of evil, sin, repentance, and most of all, true love, in order to create an unforgettable book that should be a part of any serious reader’s library.

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Review – “The Gift of Psalms”

My most recent review was on “Word of Promise – The Gift of Psalms”. This book, put out by Thomas Nelson, is a great study book, and a good supplement for one’s daily Bible reading. Contained in the book are 50 of the best loved psalms, followed by a one-page devotional on the opposing page that ties in with the psalm text, not dissimilar to the “Our Daily Bread” devotional booklets. Inside the book, Lori Jones gives great insight into the meanings and messages behind the psalms. As an extra addition to this 101 page book, the “Word of Promise” Dramatic Audio Theater presentations are included on three discs, with well-known actors reading the text. The term “Dramatic Audio” is slightly misleading…it is not a radio theatre, it is a Dramatic Reading by a wide variety of different people. Artists include well known figures such as Sean Astin, Richard Dreyfuss, Jesse Mccartney, Joan Allen, Marcia Gay Harden, and more. These readings are very well done, and add excitement and passion into the psalms that are read. All in all, this book is an excellent read, and will bring the psalms to life as you have never read…or heard them before.

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Review – “For these Tough Times”

I recently finished reviewing “For these tough times – reaching toward heaven for hope & healing” by Max Lucado…and was pleasantly surprised. When the book showed up in the mail, I was shocked at how small it was…only 79 pages, large font, and a very small nearly pocket-sized book. However Max packs a lot into this very small book that will provide insight and healing for those reading it. He answers such profound questions such as “Where is God?” “How can He allow good things to happen to bad people?”, and “Why should I have hope?” On page 2 of the book, in the introduction, he writes:

“God’s thoughts are not our thoughts, nor are they even like ours. We aren’t even in the same neighborhood. We’re thinking, Preserve the body; he’s thinking, Save the soul…’I'm going to live before I die,’ we resolve. ‘Die so you can live,’ he instructs. We love what rusts. He loves what endures. We rejoice at our successes. He rejoices at our confessions. We show our children the Nike star with the million-dollar smile and say, ‘Be like Mike.’ God points to the crucified carpenter with bloody lips and a torn side and says, ‘Be like Christ.’”

Although this book is definitely a short, quick read, and could be longer, it packs a large punch for it’s size. It is well worth the read, but make sure you read it with an open heart to whatever God might be saying to you through it.

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Review – “House of Dark Shadows”

House of Dark Shadows is the harrowing tale of a would-be dream house gone wrong, in book #1 in “The Dreamhouse Kings” series. The King family moves away from home, to a new house in a small town in California…but David and Xander King have a bad feeling about it. It would seem to be the perfect setting…an old Victorian style house nestled away in the forest. The house is filthy on the inside…dirty dishes still reside in the sinks, grimy windows, items left sitting around…and a footprint in the dust, but their parents are certain that with a little cleaning, it will be their dream house. However, things still don’t feel right…sounds come from the wrong direction, strange noises happen, and they keep thinking they see a man inside the houses. While exploring the house, David accidentally gets shut into a small linen closet…and finds himself in their school, located several miles away. Xander repeats this trick successfully…and things get stranger from there. The linen closet is a portal, which opens to a locker inside their new school. The other things that occur are beyond imaginable. Their dream house slowly becomes a house of horrors. Every door could lead to a portal of some sort…that could take one anywhere…even into the past.

Then, right as the kings consider leaving…something happens.

Robert Liparulo does an excellent job of writing this fiction novel that will have readers hungry for his next book in the series. This makes an excellent young adult fiction novel, with a storyline that will grip the reader throughout the story.

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