Made up words…they can be hilarious. :)
Our church (not house church) originally created the word “sabottus”, pronounced “suh-BOT-us”.

It can be used for literally ANYTHING. It was originally created to confuse a know-it-all guy there, who thought he knew any word people said. So they made one up when he wasn’t there, and started using it. Well, he started pretending he knew what they were talking about, which caused much merriment. :D
So now, it’s become the “Official church youth word”. :D

Examples of usage:
“Man…that guy is a real sabottus.”
“The test was a sabottus”
“Sabottus!” (like a greeting)
“She made it a sabottus”.

There you have it!

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Friday, August 15th, 2008 Uncategorized 185 Comments