Washington Mutual

In an unprecedented turn of events, the largest bank failure EVER just occurred last night at 6:15PM Pacific Standard Time.

Fortunately, JPMorgan Chase was there to buy us, so now Washington Mutual is safe. Had not WaMu been purchased, many bad things would have happened, one of which would include the collapse of the FDIC.

I personally am very excited about this. It would have been BETTER if none of this had happened, of course, but at least we won’t have a slew of concerned customers flooding into the bank day by day, closing accounts, and drawing out tens of thousands of dollars. It’s no fun when you’re criticized day by day for the way your company is going. We have LOTS of loyal customers too…but still, I want banking the way it used to be when I first started. That’s what I enjoy…doing regular transactions for everyone, but where everyone is happy.

I can’t wait to get back to that.

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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all?

Okay…so this is a thought I had while reading Karis’s post on “shine like stars”. If you want to read it, go here: http://www.elyonscircle.com/blogs/SapphiraAdi
That way, you’ll see my context.

Lets face it…there are people in this world who are less than beautiful. Some are downright ugly. (I know there’s usually nothing they can do about it, but listen to my point). What happens physically to them when they become a Christian? Nothing. Nothing at all changes (externally speaking). Internally, there is a heart change. Before they accepted Christ as Lord, their soul was like a dirty mirror…tainted by sin, and grimy. Some mirrors were so dirty they were completely black. When Jesus came into their life, (and I’m talking about TRUE conversions, not these “I’m a Christian because I go to church” or the people who become “Christians”, but don’t live the life they should) he wiped all of the grime off their hearts (which is sometimes painful, if it’s been baked on there!), and polished the mirror of their soul until it was sparkling clean again. Now, as they look at God, and follow Him, the mirror of their soul is pointing at him, and He is reflected for all to see! Jesus is the most beautiful thing in the whole Universe! What does that say about that person, when they suddenly reflect Him, and not the grime? THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL! And I’m not just talking internally…but there is also some sort of change externally. They may still be “ugly”, but you don’t notice it any more! What you see is a beautiful picture of Christ, when you look at them. You know from their face, their demeanor, etc, that SOMETHING has changed…and they are now beautiful. Now I’m not saying this can’t happen to pretty people too, but it’s most noticeable in those who know that they have no physical beauty, and throw themselves into the loving arms of Christ Jesus. With Jesus’ beauty shining through them, they are now beautiful.

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Blog not working with Internet Explorer

Apparently my blog isn’t working properly with Internet Explorer (version 6 OR 7), so if you want to view my blog, please use a different browser, preferable Firefox. I’m not sure why it’s happening…probably some script bug online. :)

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New shirt! The 3000.

I have created a new shirt, promoting www.dontdenythetruth.com, and “The 3000″.

You can find it here: http://www.zazzle.com/one_of_3000_shirt-235843767987744899

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Story update

I’ve finished my story!!!

It’s almost exactly 4 pages long in Microsoft Word…so about the right size to be a children’s book (considering you only use about 2 blocks of rhyme, which is 8 lines, per page), plus a big picture. :)

I won’t post it here yet…because I’m trying to find someone to illustrate. :)
If any of you are good at illustrating, send me an email at MESabre316@gmail.com

I would LIKE to TRY and publish this, if I can get it illustrated. Take a look at the illustration style I
put a link to in my previous post, and see if you can do it, or something fairly similar. :D

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I’m in the middle of writing a kids story…similar to what Bill Peet does. It’s (hopefully) going to be a cute story, but with a good Christian moral behind it. I got the idea yesterday at work, and typed up quite a bit, in between customers.

Now all I have to do is find someone who can illustrate well…because I can’t. :) If any of you is good…let me know! I like the Bill Peet style illustrations, too.

Here’s the first three “rhyme blocks”, just as a teaser, and so you can see what style I’m doing it in.

There once was a Knight named Sir Joshua Thayre
Whose favorite horse was an old brown-grey mare
He rode around town every day it is said,
And once every night, before going to bed.

He once was the most famous knight in the land
But those days had passed, just like hourglass sand
His armor felt light, despite what it weighed
Well polished and bright, like the day it was made.

He polished and washed it at least once a year
“In case”, he would say “if there’s enemies near!”
But year after year there was peace in the town,
No enemies seen, not for miles around.

I’ll keep you updated on progress. ;)

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I can steal ideas too

OK…fine. I see this floating around blogs…I’ll steal it too, and fill in my answers. :)

I AM …a candle in the dark, a light to the world.

I WANT…to learn to love Jesus Christ with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength

I HAVE …plenty. I just wish I realized that all the time. I have so much, compared to so many.

I WISH I COULD …talk with Jesus face-to-face for just one hour, and have him evaluate my life. I’m sure I wouldn’t like many of the things he would have to say, but I would love to hear exactly what I need to change, and how to do so.

I HATE …sin. The devil. The sin nature. The fact that I have to be trapped in a body that is under the curse.

I FEAR …for many so-called Christians in the world today.

I HEAR … strange voices in my head. (OK fine, I’m kidding…maybe…)

I SEARCH …for Truth in everything.

I DON’T THINK …it would be good for my health if I jumped off a cliff without my parachute (I hate it when that happens! Last time, I almost broke my leg.) JK

I REALLY … wish I could meet certain people.

I REGRET … many things I’ve done.

I LOVE …someone. And Jesus.

I ACHE FOR …the people in this world who do not know Jesus. Also for those who hurt. One of my unique spiritual gifts is discernment…coupled with an ability to hurt with others.

I ALWAYS CRY … when I think of my sin, and what Jesus has done for me.

I AM NOT …like most other Christians. I am first a Christ-follower, not a nominal Christian.

I DANCE …when I’m in weird moods.

I SING …all the time. I can hear harmony lines in my head, so they are easy for me to sing.

I NEVER …want to cause someone intentional pain.

I RARELY …catch a baseball. I’m HORRIBLE at baseball…can’t catch, can’t hit (at ALL). The one thing I can do, once I warm up, is pitch…but unfortunately after getting hit in a certain place, I have stopped doing that altogether.

I CRY WHEN I WATCH …can’t think of much…Facing the Giants usually gets me. Just the faith shown in that movie is…wow.

I AM NOT ALWAYS …kind and loving the way I should be. I work to change this.

I HATE THAT …I do what I do not want to do, and what I want to do, I do not do.

I’M CONFUSED ABOUT …physics. Why women go on weird tangents while talking, that confuse men. Fluffy purple rhinoceroses frolicking madly through yellow flowers on a mountaintop on Saturdays.

I NEED …to get married and have kids someday.

I SHOULD …probably start getting ready for work…I have to leave soon. :)


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Hike up Mt. Pilchuck

Today at 6:00 a.m. myself, my sister Keren, my dad, my little brother Benjamin, my friend Josiah, and Keren’s friend Crystal all hiked up a mountain that resides about a two hour drive from our house, called Mt. Pilchuck, not to be confused with “Woodchuck” or “upchuck”. Regardless of the light the name may cast on the mountain, it is actually a very beautiful and fun hike. We’ve done it once before, and it took us about 3.5 hours to summit. Today, we made it in about 2.5 hours. There is BEAUTIFUL scenery on the way up, and lots of fog. :) At the top of the mountain, when the weather is clear, you have the best view in Washington State (or so it is said). Unfortunately, we did not have this pleasure, and it was very misty at the top…which added a mystical surreal feeling to it all. The hike is mostly dirt with scattered rocks, although in some places, you have to climb over some slightly large boulders. At the top of the mountain, there is a large collection of boulders, and an old fire lookout at the top, where we stopped to eat lunch, and rest. After about 45 minutes, we started heading down. Josiah and I decided to run, so we ran all the way down the mountain (and I mean ran), and cut off about an hour of time. It felt good, getting to the bottom, passing up everyone as we charged in our mad dash down the mountain (with our backpacks). No doubt we were taken several times for aspiring marines. :D

Here’s a whole bunch of AWESOME shots I got on the mountain…enjoy!













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Vacation to Winthrop

Well, we just got back from our vacation to Winthrop, which is in Eastern WA!

We had a lot of fun…and the drive is beautiful. So many cool things to see…although there’s not TOO much to do down there. :)
We stayed at a nice place called the “River Run Inn”, which has little cabins for people to stay in. There’s a pool room about a 3 minute walk from the cabin, which also has wifi, so I was able to get on a little.

Basically, the routine went:

Wake up – little kids watch Curious George on TV – eat breakfast – swim/I get on internet – eat lunch – swim – eat dinner – watch a movie (usually Pixar) – watch a little olympics – sleep – repeat. :)

Here’s some pictures I took!

My brother Benjamin

My brother Benjamin

My brother Daniel (has Downs Syndrome)

My brother Daniel (has Downs Syndrome)

My sister Keren

My sister Keren

My little sister Sarah

My little sister Sarah

My little brother Josiah

My little brother Josiah


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Made up words…they can be hilarious. :)
Our church (not house church) originally created the word “sabottus”, pronounced “suh-BOT-us”.

It can be used for literally ANYTHING. It was originally created to confuse a know-it-all guy there, who thought he knew any word people said. So they made one up when he wasn’t there, and started using it. Well, he started pretending he knew what they were talking about, which caused much merriment. :D
So now, it’s become the “Official church youth word”. :D

Examples of usage:
“Man…that guy is a real sabottus.”
“The test was a sabottus”
“Sabottus!” (like a greeting)
“She made it a sabottus”.

There you have it!

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