Review – “House of Dark Shadows”

House of Dark Shadows is the harrowing tale of a would-be dream house gone wrong, in book #1 in “The Dreamhouse Kings” series. The King family moves away from home, to a new house in a small town in California…but David and Xander King have a bad feeling about it. It would seem to be the perfect setting…an old Victorian style house nestled away in the forest. The house is filthy on the inside…dirty dishes still reside in the sinks, grimy windows, items left sitting around…and a footprint in the dust, but their parents are certain that with a little cleaning, it will be their dream house. However, things still don’t feel right…sounds come from the wrong direction, strange noises happen, and they keep thinking they see a man inside the houses. While exploring the house, David accidentally gets shut into a small linen closet…and finds himself in their school, located several miles away. Xander repeats this trick successfully…and things get stranger from there. The linen closet is a portal, which opens to a locker inside their new school. The other things that occur are beyond imaginable. Their dream house slowly becomes a house of horrors. Every door could lead to a portal of some sort…that could take one anywhere…even into the past.

Then, right as the kings consider leaving…something happens.

Robert Liparulo does an excellent job of writing this fiction novel that will have readers hungry for his next book in the series. This makes an excellent young adult fiction novel, with a storyline that will grip the reader throughout the story.

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