Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all?

Okay…so this is a thought I had while reading Karis’s post on “shine like stars”. If you want to read it, go here: http://www.elyonscircle.com/blogs/SapphiraAdi
That way, you’ll see my context.

Lets face it…there are people in this world who are less than beautiful. Some are downright ugly. (I know there’s usually nothing they can do about it, but listen to my point). What happens physically to them when they become a Christian? Nothing. Nothing at all changes (externally speaking). Internally, there is a heart change. Before they accepted Christ as Lord, their soul was like a dirty mirror…tainted by sin, and grimy. Some mirrors were so dirty they were completely black. When Jesus came into their life, (and I’m talking about TRUE conversions, not these “I’m a Christian because I go to church” or the people who become “Christians”, but don’t live the life they should) he wiped all of the grime off their hearts (which is sometimes painful, if it’s been baked on there!), and polished the mirror of their soul until it was sparkling clean again. Now, as they look at God, and follow Him, the mirror of their soul is pointing at him, and He is reflected for all to see! Jesus is the most beautiful thing in the whole Universe! What does that say about that person, when they suddenly reflect Him, and not the grime? THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL! And I’m not just talking internally…but there is also some sort of change externally. They may still be “ugly”, but you don’t notice it any more! What you see is a beautiful picture of Christ, when you look at them. You know from their face, their demeanor, etc, that SOMETHING has changed…and they are now beautiful. Now I’m not saying this can’t happen to pretty people too, but it’s most noticeable in those who know that they have no physical beauty, and throw themselves into the loving arms of Christ Jesus. With Jesus’ beauty shining through them, they are now beautiful.

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