I can steal ideas too

OK…fine. I see this floating around blogs…I’ll steal it too, and fill in my answers. :)

I AM …a candle in the dark, a light to the world.

I WANT…to learn to love Jesus Christ with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength

I HAVE …plenty. I just wish I realized that all the time. I have so much, compared to so many.

I WISH I COULD …talk with Jesus face-to-face for just one hour, and have him evaluate my life. I’m sure I wouldn’t like many of the things he would have to say, but I would love to hear exactly what I need to change, and how to do so.

I HATE …sin. The devil. The sin nature. The fact that I have to be trapped in a body that is under the curse.

I FEAR …for many so-called Christians in the world today.

I HEAR … strange voices in my head. (OK fine, I’m kidding…maybe…)

I SEARCH …for Truth in everything.

I DON’T THINK …it would be good for my health if I jumped off a cliff without my parachute (I hate it when that happens! Last time, I almost broke my leg.) JK

I REALLY … wish I could meet certain people.

I REGRET … many things I’ve done.

I LOVE …someone. And Jesus.

I ACHE FOR …the people in this world who do not know Jesus. Also for those who hurt. One of my unique spiritual gifts is discernment…coupled with an ability to hurt with others.

I ALWAYS CRY … when I think of my sin, and what Jesus has done for me.

I AM NOT …like most other Christians. I am first a Christ-follower, not a nominal Christian.

I DANCE …when I’m in weird moods.

I SING …all the time. I can hear harmony lines in my head, so they are easy for me to sing.

I NEVER …want to cause someone intentional pain.

I RARELY …catch a baseball. I’m HORRIBLE at baseball…can’t catch, can’t hit (at ALL). The one thing I can do, once I warm up, is pitch…but unfortunately after getting hit in a certain place, I have stopped doing that altogether.

I CRY WHEN I WATCH …can’t think of much…Facing the Giants usually gets me. Just the faith shown in that movie is…wow.

I AM NOT ALWAYS …kind and loving the way I should be. I work to change this.

I HATE THAT …I do what I do not want to do, and what I want to do, I do not do.

I’M CONFUSED ABOUT …physics. Why women go on weird tangents while talking, that confuse men. Fluffy purple rhinoceroses frolicking madly through yellow flowers on a mountaintop on Saturdays.

I NEED …to get married and have kids someday.

I SHOULD …probably start getting ready for work…I have to leave soon. :)


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